The marble that can only be extracted from one quarry in the world

Grolla marble is a special type of marble. It can be extracted only from one quarry in the world by the Marmi Faedo company. This one also owns the quarry itself.

The history

This precious marble dates back to ancient times. So much so that historical buildings such as the columns in Piazza Signori in Vicenza, dating from the 1400s and 1600s, were made with it. The Marmi Faedo company then used grolla marble for the construction of the Palazzo della Regione Friuli, the S. Maria Immacolata Church in Montecchio, Piazza Brà in Verona, etc. 

What are the characteristics of this marble? 

This marble has peculiar physical-mechanical characteristics. . The features make it perfect for use for special climatic zones. It is a marble having an excellent resistance to weathering. This means that it is not subject to the attacks of sea salt. Nor can it achieve shattering due to frost problems.  

A very verstatile material

This marble that can be extracted only from one quarry in the world, is suitable for outdoor flooring and cladding and does not require any kind of additional chemical treatment. Grolla marble also lends itself to being placed in all kinds of environments. Thanks to its versatility and discreet coloring. In addition, it is also suitable for undergoing any kind of surface processing such as even sandblasting, brushing and flaming. 

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