cosmeceutical skin care products

Cosmeceutical Products: Elevating Your Skincare Routine

Cosmeceutical products have gained significant attention for their advanced formulations that bridge the gap between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. But what exactly are cosmeceuticals?  Unlike traditional cosmetics, which focus primarily on enhancing appearance, cosmeceutical products are designed to deliver both cosmetic and therapeutic benefits. These products typically contain active ingredients that have been clinically proven to […]

piping system

Piping Systems, The Importance in Buildings

Piping systems play a crucial role in buildings in the Arab Emirates. Proper they are necessary for creating efficient and sustainable water management systems, as well as for ensuring the safe transportation of gases and other substances. These systems are especially important in a region where temperatures can reach extreme heights, making the correct matching […]

yoga and technology work together

Yoga and technology: two worlds apart but not too far apart

The marriage of yoga and technology seems to work. But only if in the new headquarters of Facebook and Google there are special rooms for “meditating, breathing, stretching and flexing your body in harmony” and sweating. In Facebook’s new corporate village in Menlo Park, a $120 million Mr Zuckerberg complex, there will therefore be a […]

one quarry in the world

The marble that can only be extracted from one quarry in the world

Grolla marble is a special type of marble. It can be extracted only from one quarry in the world by the Marmi Faedo company. This one also owns the quarry itself. The history This precious marble dates back to ancient times. So much so that historical buildings such as the columns in Piazza Signori in […]

ferritic stainless steels

What are ferritic stainless steels?

Ferritic stainless steels contain Chromium, as the fundamental alloying element, in very high concentration and little carbon. Characteristics and use This kind of steels (mg2) are like martensitic stainless steels with only Chromium. Otherwise cannot raise their mechanical properties by heat treatment. Ferritic stainless steels exhibit good machinability by plastic deformation both hot and cold, […]